Saturday, April 28, 2012

Do you hate washing your hair like me?

I wish I had time to wash my hair, dry it properly and then style it so that it looks nice.

Instead I'm lucky if I get time to wash my hair once a week.. I keep putting it off each night thinking "I'm soooo tired I don't feel like blow drying my hair now....I'll do it tomorrow" then that turns into the next day and the next, so on and so on. I wish I could have a routine that worked where I could do it twice a week but at the moment I rarely get around to it once a week and my hair ends up looking so disgusting/oily/yuk and up in a pony tail all the time.

I don't need to look wonderfully glamorous like this picture but I know I feel so much better about myself and far more confident when I take the time to wash my hair and dry/straighten more regularly. I just wish I could figure out a way to find the time to do it twice a week that works in well with the rest of the weekly routine when I don't feel so tired and exhausted before bed at night. I would love to be able to do it in the mornings but mornings with small kids are crazy and having them in the bathroom with me while I'm trying to do my hair would just drive me crazy.

Do you have the same problem? or have you figured out a good way to get your hair looking good without knocking out some of your precious sleep time? Would love to know if you have.

Brenda :)

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