Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Family

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Today I talked to my Mum, being mothers day and all she opened up to me about a lot of things that I hadn't heard before...and I loved this.

It was wonderful, even though I heard some things that were not so wonderful, the stories are true and are about my family history. Have you ever really sat down with your mother or father and quizzed them about their past and got them to open up about their lives?

I have on a number of occasions and although it must be at the right time and they must be in the right mood, when the time is right, the fortunes they can reveal are wonderful (well I think so anyway even if they are not so glamorous).

These stories have helped me connect better with reality and what life is really all about, both my mother and fathers families have had their fare share of challenges and lived much harder lives in comparison to mine. Split families back in a times when this was not looked upon favourably, scandals, harsh punishments, low incomes and living/working hard on farms or in single family units with a large amount of siblings...

I found out something really emotional this evening talking with my mother and it made me wonder just how many secrets may lay hidden without families knowing of them? I challenge you like I challenged my mother, to find out more.. this is our family history and we should know more about what has happened even if it is not so pretty.

I am blessed to still have both my Nana's alive and I called them both today for a Mother's Day chat and to have a wonderful catch up. I love talking with them regularly to see how things are and find out the friendly gossip of how all the family is going and connect with them again. I try to do this regularly but I need to do it more often as making an effort to connect is so important.. you don't know how much longer you will have the opportunity to do so.

Connect with your love ones. :)

Brenda :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Huge Hug for Us Mum's

Ok so I haven't been the best blogger and I probably wont continue to be for the immediate future either...I've been busy as most mums are; being a mum, working and doing all the other 101 million things that mums do...

But I wanted to take 5 to say; Mum's WE ROCK!!!

Because we do.. honestly only a mother could go unpaid each day and do the things we do, there is NO one else that could commit to the huge tasks we handle each and every day unless they were paid very well to do so.

I hope you are all spoiled rotten on Sunday for Mothers Day and are given some well deserved time off... I'm of course thinking breakfast in bed, followed by some QUIET time to read a book or favourite magazine in bed, followed by a lovely cup of tea in bed, followed by a movie in bed, hahahaha I think I'm in La La land really but dreaming of the most awesome day ever don't you agree??

I cannot even think of how long ago it was that I was ever so self indulgent and that's what I think needs to be recognised most about Mothers Day. We give up basically anything self indulgent to be a mother first but its also important for us all to put ourselves first sometimes too for the benefit of everyone in your family especially you and your kids.

I'm sure Mothers day is also a day when you look back over the last year and think about what you have to be thankful for and what has changed/developed in your family unit. Well there have been a few changes in ours, I took a couple of photos of my little girls over the last week and have welled up with emotions every time I look at them with such an overwhelming sense of joy and love for my little girls. This is when I think of how thankful I AM to be a mum and not the other way around.

Yes I do go above and beyond the earth to make sure my family is happy and they have everything they need even if we cannot afford it but I am the one who is thankful EVERYDAY, as they have opened my heart to a love and joy that I in no way could have known would have existed if I did not have children. My children and my family are the light of my life and I am so blessed to experienced such happiness.


Brenda :) xx